Gfinity Spring Masters II: Viewer's Guide

Fri 15th May 2015 - 11:42am

We're just about an hour away from the Gfinity Spring Masters II LAN kicking off with the first match of the day being the Swedish side of NiP facing the North Americans Team Liquid.

Gfinity Spring Masters II hosted at the eSports Arena in London features a total of 10 teams who will battle it out over the $50 000 prize purse and the winner goes home with exactly half of that. Kyan1te, one of the casters at the event as well as being a NiP TV ninja has written a huge preview for you to enjoy right here. Below you can see today's schedule, groups and casters at the event. 


Group A:

NiP, Fnatic, Na'Vi, Team Liquid, Vox Eminor

Group B:

EnVyUs,, Titan, Cloud 9, Immunity


Today's Schedule (CET):

14:00 - NiP vs Team Liquid 
14:00 - Cloud9 vs Immunity
16:00 - Titan vs Immunity
16:00 - Fnatic vs Vox Eminor
18:00 - Virtus. pro vs Cloud9
18:00 - Na'Vi vs Team Liquid
20:00 - NiP vs Fnatic
20:00 - EnVyUs vs Titan



Scott "SirScoots" Smith



Richard Lewis

Duncan "Thorin" Shields



Daniel "ddk" Kapadia

Auguste "Semmler" Massonnat

Karam "Kyan1te" Kabbara

Henry "HenryG" Greer

Matt "Chewwy" Smith



Petter Nilsson

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