What Needs To Change?

Fri 10th Jul 2015 - 1:26pm

Since its release in August 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has grown immensely and it is currently one of the biggest e-sport games in the world. Still falling behind from games like Dota2 in prizemoney, some people would consider it the biggest esport, especially in the western world. Moving forward, one could think that we are doing great and should just keep on doing what we want. Wrong.

There are still many and huge problems for CS:GO. In order for us to move forward and get the game even bigger, more exciting and well-known, we have to focus on the problems. I am not talking about prize money, nor player or viewer count. We have problems with the game, deeper than that.

In a big tournament, where teams compete against eachother for a prizepool larger than most of us could only dream of, every thing has to be perfect. It is, however, far from that at the moment. First of all – the delays. It is not uncommon for a game, especially at a big LAN-tournament, to start up to an hour late. Why does it have to be like this? What if you went to a big sports game, like the World Cup in soccer, only to wait two hours before the players could get onto the field. Imagine how you turn up at its starting time just to find our that the janitors are just about to remove the empty sodacans from the last event. We need tournament orginizers to realize that setting up for the players takes time, and therefore they need to start way before the set time. Additionally, the players needs to be able to set up with their equipment and start their warmup long before the game should start.


So, the game has just started, and the first thing you hear is ”Ohh, kukli kill! Iiizi!”. If we want e-sports to become more socially accepted, and more companies to get into it with their support, we need to be professional about it. We need real casters (who actually takes the game seriously) and a great analyst desk where they explain what just happend to the newcomers. We would also need to look at the tournament layout. Recently, one of (if not the) best team fell out in last place at ESL ESEA Pro League Finals, because of losing just one Best-of-one to a lesser team. In events like this, we need to have better group stages where we make sure that the best teams advance to the playsoffs.

Looking into the future of CS:GO, I am extremely convinced that it will be great. It wouldn't supprise me if we could actually be part of the ”big guys” (soccer, hockey, baseball) in a few years. However, in order to achive this, we need to take a look at the base of our game – the LAN-events.





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