The Bettors Code: A statement about skin betting

Mon 4th May 2015 - 2:23pm

(Note that DevelOP3's opinions doesn't necessarily reflect those of the Ninjas in Pyjamas)

With the exponential growth in interest in the CS:GO Competitive scene, something that closely follows all sports inevitably came around. Betting. This is not a statement on the legitimacy of the practice or the organisations that promote and enable such things, rather, a commentary on the responsibility and behavioural standards that a fan should hold themselves to when partaking.

While not all agree with betting on counter strike games, at least not in it's current form, it is unavoidable that hundreds of thousands of fans dabble in a bet or two on big matches, some dealing in rather high amounts of skin “value”. Such is the size and nature of the, shall we say, industry, it is noticeable that it brings with it some unfavourable reactions from fans and general betters alike.

Ignoring any betting scandals that have happened in the past (which go to show the fragility of such a concept in this early stage of Counter-Strikes development), if you should place a bet on a game no matter how “certain” the outcome may seem, the responsibility for any skins lost or won, is on you as the better. I can fully understand the frustration of placing a losing bet, as I myself am quite active in casino gambling and sports betting away from e-sports. However I too know that when a bet is lost, no matter how frustrating at the time, it was my bet to place and my bet to accept as a loss. You must understand the risks when going into such a transaction and be safe in the knowledge that any money (or in this case skin value) placed is an amount that you could afford to spend and subsequently risk to a loss.

So, should you lose your bet, be it a 90% or a 5% likely hood, what sort of reaction should you outwardly project? Well, the answer is, very little. Yes, you can express your frustration at a loss, you may even tweet it out personally. However what you should not do is direct your frustration at any one. Too often we see people taking to twitter to berate a team or a single player about them losing, a fan who was once supportive suddenly giving out threats and obscenities to players who are not at fault for the loss. They are playing to win, they will try nothing other than to win and more importantly, they are playing for themselves and their organisations and the fans who are supporting them, not supporting their bets.

More and more now, it is hard to discern between the genuinely upset betters and the trolls using the phenomenon to try and get under a players skin, excuse the pun. However, it is a trend that should not be accepted in the community and certainly not promoted. “Rip skins” Acceptable and light-hearted “I hate you, you are the worst player and I hope your family gets cancer” or some variation there of, 100% unacceptable and frankly anyone spouting such vile hatred deserves no place in e-sports as a fan or anything else.

So next time you place a bet, if you're going to, remember that it is your bet to place, your choice to do it and completely your skins to lose. No one else holds responsibility for your losses or actions other than yourself, and if that is not something you can deal with then you should just stick to enjoying the same game the rest of us enjoy. Support the team for the team, with your favourite players and organisation, any other incentives should just be a personal bonus.




Robert Gooderson

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