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Sat 23rd Apr 2016 - 5:57pm

This week, Valve announced the withdrawal of the famous Counter-Strike map de_inferno from the map pool in favour of the new de_nuke. Nuke is back after being played for the first time at the All-Star Game at MLG Columbus just a few weeks ago. The map was rebuilt because it was deemed to be too unbalanced, giving a great advantage to the CT side.

Following this change, we asked some players to share their opinions. The below questions were asked from each player:

  • What was your first reaction to the announcement from Valve about replacing Inferno with Nuke?
  • Inferno is a legendary map in Counter-Strike; was a change really required?
  • In your opinion, is Inferno unbalanced, or does it depend on your play style?

Is this a good or bad move? Check out their reactions below!

 Ricardo 'fox' PACHECO from FaZe:

My opinion is pretty easy: Valve should never remove inferno, they can just add Nuke to the map pool. It was a big mistake to remove Inferno. At the moment, Nuke really needs to be updated!
Right now, it's not a good map to play...

 Martin 'cENTRYZ' BRANDAL ex-member of FlipSid3 Tactics, LGB eSport:

It wasn't very unexpected, but I thought they would update the "new nuke" a bit more, before set the map in the map pool.

About Inferno, I feel like it's a good map with a lot of epic matches has been played on. The biggest problem with this map at the moment is that the banana is very narrow and you can smoke it off from the A site making it hard for terrorists to commit towards B. If Inferno is coming back with tweaks from Valve, I'm certain that they will change banana to make it more wide and easier for terrorists to control. For me, the map is pretty balanced, it's all about proper use of grenades.

An historic match? There's many to choose from, but if I had to choose one, it has to be Titan vs. fnatic during Pantamera Challenge were kennyS 50 bombed.

 Konstantinos 'tsack' THEODORPOULOS ex-member of Sprintfox, Team Infused, x6tence:

Since the beginning of CS:GO, Inferno was a map you could easily hold with smokes because of all the choke points, so I think they should change that (widen banana/apps for example). And maybe replace all the cars with boxes...
About the sides balanced, I've played against good and bad teams on Inferno and i think it really depends on how you utilize smokes and molotovs especially on CT side. Changing the roundtime helped the T side a bit, and i think it became pretty balanced.




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